Fractional Controller

What is a fractional controller, and why would you ever want one?

What does a controller do?

Broadly speaking a controller designs and manages an entire accounting system. They oversee or prepare financial reports to assist the business owner or board to make timely decisions.

Why fractional?

A controller is a well experience CPA and most small business don't require one full time. A fractional controller can still provide the benefits without a large or enduring expense.

What do you typically do when you first work with a business?

We learn about your business, strategy and preferences. We analyse the current accounting system and determine where issues may be and the best way forward. We design a more efficient system so that you, the owner manager, get the financial information from you business quick enough to inform your strategic and operational decisions.

What kind of businesses do you normally work with?

We work with quite a few business types. By way of example we work with, dental clinics, oil and gas services, spas, youtubers and instagrammers. Each need a different approach, but all of them benefit with better systems and more timely data and reports.