What makes us different?

Your Business Comes Before Your Taxes

Sure, you need to file a corporate tax return, and we'll help you with that. Really though, we're concerned about your whole company. Our job is to help you be as profitable as possible not just do a yearly filing.

We Love Interesting Tax Planning

Estates, cryptocurrencies, US properties, bullion in New Zealand or Singapore? No problem! We can help you design your best plan while staying onside with the law.

Location Independent

Work up north all the time? Digital Nomad? Or just don't have time to leave your business? No problem, we're happy to communicate by video, phone and email. 

Real Communication

Have you ever had an accountant that just tells you "it's being worked on" when you ask where your tax return or requested opinion is? That is frustrating, we know, that's why we strive to give you definitive timelines so you can plan your processes and schedule.